Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog Changes

Due to this site's visitor traffic patterns, I'm going to be changing the posting structure and increase the frequency of new posts. Starting from tomorrow, I'll be posting as follows:

Monday through Thursday: a new review posted each day (rather than the every other day schedule I've been using)

Friday: One of a variety of miscellaneous posts related to snack food or junk food

Saturday and Sunday: no new posts

This means that the number of reviews per week will remain the same and there will be one "bonus" post per week relative to the current schedule. The reason I'm removing weekend posting is that traffic drops so much over the weekend that it is clear most people are too busy to catch new posts at that time anyway.

Thanks for reading!


Kelly said...

Awww :(

I wondered why suddenly there was a review nearly every day! :) wow, good though as i drop in now every day to see what's new.

There doesn't seem to be as many people around on blogs anymore, or even commenting, do you think that is because of the economic downturn?

Orchid64 said...

I think that there was a surge in blogging as people dipped a toe in to give it a try, but lost interest or ran out of things to say as time went by. I would think the economic downturn would increase the number of bloggers since people might have more free time on their hands. That being said, what are they going to talk about? You can only talk about how depressing life is for so long.

I can say that my traffic has gone up through time. On a "big day", I'll see about 350 visitors (and about 260 on average during weekdays). On the weekend, that drops down to a 100-150. So, I haven't seen a readership drop-off.