Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Random Picture #144

The name of the pictured beverage sounds like it would be more appropriate for a Viking marital aid than a sports drink, and while I'm not sure that that is not what is contained as a hidden prize within the can, I doubt that it's any more than a low calorie isotonic beverage. The Japanese for this actually says "so-pi-do", so I'm not sure that they even meant to name it for the god of thunder, but I'm seeing it in the manner that most amuses me. (Note that the Japanese for "Thor" is "To-ru".)

Actually, my husband informs me that this may refer to Ian Thorpe, a Australian swimmer whose nickname was "Thorpedo". The strange thing is that this beverage came out during his retirement (he retired, returned, and failed, but will try again). 

This amuses me far less than my own imagined ideas. Therefore, I will pretend not to have gained an awareness of this fact. Willful ignorance is bliss. 


Anonymous said...

Japanese English is just wacked. I just read it for the laugh now.

Orchid64 said...

That's the reason I read it, too! ;-)