Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Picture #146

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One of the things which was never in short supply when I lived in Tokyo were caramels. I reviewed quite a few, but, after awhile, well, there was only so much I could tolerate in the way of sweet sticky wads of candy intent on lifting out a few fillings.

The picture above is from a shop that specializes in goods from Hokkaido. It appears that, in addition to producing lots of dairy products, they make a lot of caramels. From left on the top row, there are: soup curry, meat, octopus, ramen, cassis, roast corn, and strawberry flavors. From left on the bottom row are: melon, melon soda, salted butter, corn, butter, sweet potato and potato. Is it any wonder Nestle decided weird candy flavors would suit the Japanese market?

From left: cocoa, milk, red bean, condensed milk, potato, strawberry, corn, butter, melon, kinako (toasted soybean flour). Image from Donan's web site.

This picture was taken just before I left Japan, and Donan, a maker in Hakodate, Hokkaido, of a great many caramels including those pictured here, has hanged its packaging. It's really sad because the new style, while consistent, is not nearly as interesting as the older styles. That being said, I'd totally buy the kinako flavor in its boring box if I were to find it.

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Hirayuki said...

Caramels are made of milk, butter, and sugar, so the Hokkaido connection makes sense. I remember Village Vanguard having a bunch of odd-flavored caramels like that. The cherry-blossom ones (Bambi brand) were all right, and so were the corn ones, but nothing beats Morinaga's sweet-potato caramels. I regret eating my very last one a couple weeks back, especially because I know they're seasonal and may not be readily available now.