Thursday, March 21, 2013

Burger King Japan's 500% Onion Burger (bonus post)

This is a quick post mainly to mention one of Burger King Japan's goofier options. As you can see above (and by my headline), they're selling a burger with 500% more onion. As a great fan of onions (my husband and I go through an enormous bag about once a month), this doesn't sound too bad, but it seems like an odd selling point to offer a teriyaki burger with 5 slices of onion. You can go back to work with 500% more obnoxious breath than usual.

A campaign for the burger was started on March 8 and the usual price is 880 yen ($9.18), but you can get your onion on for a mere 680 yen ($7.09) while the campaign is rolling. The other prices are for "set" meals (the burger with fries and a drink). Obviously, onions don't come cheap in Japan.

This is actually one of those things which is funkier than it seems. Would a burger ever be marketed here in the U.S. with 500% more onion (or any other vegetable)? I think not. ;-)


Paul said...

Hadn't seen this! Price seems hard to swallow, but I love onions. Couldn't eat it before I teach a lesson, but perhaps one of these days I'll have to sample it for dinner...

BradleyNASH said...

Ugh... gross? Unless they were (and I could pretty much guarantee they aren't) Vidalia (sweet) onions.
That said, ew... but hey to each their own.

SusieTron FiveThousand said...

Yum onions!!!
On the occasion that I opt for a burger meal when out and about I always get grilled and raw onions on my In n Out burgers.

Orchid64 said...

Paul: I agree that the price seems pretty high. I have more of an objection to the burger itself than to the onions. ;-)

Bradley: I don't even know if you can easily get Vidalia onions in Japan. I love onions, as I said, but it's all about balance.

Susie: I would also opt for onions on my In and Out Burger, if I ate burgers. ;-)

Thanks to everyone for the comments!