Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Random Picture #155

A cute mascot is a terrible thing to waste. Bourbon can't display their colorful bears enough on their long sleeves of tiny cookies, so they are selling canisters full of 6 different types of their "petit" products. The types include "cocoa" cookies, digestive, butter, a Ritz-style cracker, and cheese and sesame or black pepper crackers (the angle of the tin makes it impossible to read the description, but that's what it looks like). I didn't buy one of these (though it is sort of cute), but I wouldn't be shocked if the tin is fully of individually wrapped cookies with each in its own sealed plastic packet. One thing about Japan is that they know the only way to encourage people to buy larger portions is to make sure the contents don't go stale over a longish period of time.

When I was in Tokyo, I occasionally saw such types of tins (though this one is newish and I never saw it) in the recyclable trash bin. They're popular for all types of cookies because they prevent crushing. I wondered if anyone ever saved them for storing other items. I know that my company got several of these a year, and we never saved them because the president of the company didn't like the "dirty" look of using such things for storage of office items. 


Laverne said...

I have to say thank you! I lived in Japan for three years in my 20's and am going back for the first time in 21 years this summer. Reading both your blogs over the last few evenings has been wonderful. And... I have lots of ideas for treats to bring back home!

Orchid64 said...

Thanks for reading, Laverne! I'm glad that you're enjoying the blogs and I hope you'll stick around for the future. :-)