Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Irubii Grapefruit Vinegar Drink

As I mentioned in the apple vinegar KitKat, many Japanese people believe that drinking vinegar has health benefits. I had never taken the plunge and purchased such a drink before, but I was trolling for a new sugar-free drink at a convenience store (in this case, Family Mart, where this cost 105 yen or about a buck) and came across this carton of grapefruit-vinegar drink.

I'm not actually a fan of real grapefruits, but I do like grapefruit-flavored things. In fact, it's one of two exceptions to my liking the fruit (strawberries, bananas), but disliking the foods flavored with it. For the record, I also like orange-flavored things but dislike oranges. It's a pulpy citrus fruit thing, I'm sure.

Anyway, I usually take a picture of the drink I'm reviewing poured into a glass, and I did take a picture of this. That is because it looks exactly like water. There's really nothing to see. It smells faintly of both grapefruit and vinegar. The vinegar element is very subdued both in scent and taste, but tends to show through when you drink by burning the back of your throat.

The taste is a combination of bitter grapefruit and artificial sweeteners with a whisper of vinegar. It's not awful, but it's not great. I probably would have finished it if it weren't for the fear of third degree vinegar burns from drinking 500 ml. of this. It would be very hard to recommend this both because of that and the heavy taste of chemical sweeteners.


Jen in Japan said...

So there really is vinegar in these drinks?! I guess I just thought it was one of those English words that is mistranslated.

Anonymous said...

Oh.. you must try the black vinegar. I'm not sure what health benefits it has but I'm curious.

I totally get on on the pulp thing-- my husband can't eat meat but can eat a hamburger, or things ground.. its all about the texture.


Marvo said...

Hmm...Grapefruit and vinegar. Two things I wouldn't consume individually. Actually, I don't know if I wouldn't drink straight vinegar. Lemme prove that right now...(goes to try vinegar in the kitchen).

Yup, I wouldn't drink vinegar.

Orchid64 said...

Jen: Oh, yeah, there's really vinegar in them! Drinking vinegar is supposed to be less harsh than regular vinegar though I thought it was too acidic!

April: I haven't seen the black vinegar, but if I do, I'll take the plunge! The health benefits are supposed to be related to weight loss and the relief of fatigue, but I've read up on this quite a bit and the only people promoting vinegar drinking are those working for vinegar producers. One of the positive studies was done by Mizkan!

Thanks to both of you for taking the time to comment and read!

Orchid64 said...

Marvo: If you ever want to build an ulcer (you know, to get out of work or something), you could drink vinegar straight to burn a hole in the lining of your stomach. The possibilities are endless when you've got vinegar!

Incidentally, I've also heard it's good for cleaning toilets. You know it's got to be good for your health after reading that! :-)

Thanks for commenting, Marvo the marvelous. :-) Love those video reviews. Keep 'em coming!

Jen in Japan said...

Marvo, you will eat straight wasabi but you won't drink vinegar, huh? It's good to know you have limits. ;-)

I've read things about drinking vinegar for your health and I always thought it sounded suspicious. Thanks for pointing out that the studies are one-sided.