Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Weekend Picture 15

My husband and I went out last weekend in search of an available iPad (for him, not me) with no success, but I did catch this ad on the train (you can click this image for a bigger one). The three hands holding the cans are on springs and float above the poster. They jiggle constantly while the train is moving. "Fire" brands of canned coffee are made by Kirin, which is better known for its beer. The current promotional campaigns use baseball player Hideki Matsui to promote their coffee. Much canned coffee in Japan is sold cold in vending machines.

The idea of cold coffee was a peculiar one 20 years ago when I first arrived. Since the proliferation of designer coffee houses (like Starbucks) have made cold coffee much more common in America, the only thing remarkable about these canned coffees (besides the fact that they have jelly in them) is that they taste so bad but still sell well.


cinabar said...

Did you say they have jelly in them? How does that work?

Orchid64 said...

They do have jelly in them. It works a bit like bubble tea (which has bits of tapioca in it). :-)