Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random Weekend Picture 18

Click this image to load a bigger one, because, you know, you really want to see that face up closer and with more detail.

When I saw this sign on a vending machine, the only thing that I could think was, "they are using Tommy Lee Jones's corpse to promote coffee." Seriously, if there were a little pillow behind his head, I'd think he'd expired and been embalmed. I have to wonder what the people who chose this picture were thinking. Coffee is what we drink to feel more alert and alive, and poor Tommy looks anything but.


Helen said...

Tommy does look grumpy and mean though, isn't that what most bosses look like?
He's quite well known in real life for being a bit grumpy!

Unknown said...

LOL, lol. Yes. Have you seen all the commercials here he is doing for them? In every one of them he has that deadpan expression. Which is weird since in real life, he seems to always have a giant grin on. :-)

Meredith Peruzzi said...

LOL, I took a very similar picture, but only for the amusement of Tommy Lee Jones hawking coffee! I think I saw him selling tires here in Tsukuba too...or was that someone else?

Orchid64 said...

Hi, Meredith! Leonardo DiCaprio is selling tires in my area. ;-)

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