Thursday, May 2, 2013

McDonald's Really Wants to Hold Your Potatoes, or other stuff

All images are from McDonald's Japan.

McDonald's Japan is running a Twitter campaign in which they'd like you to tell/show them all of the ways or situations in which one might use their plastic french fry holder. If you can't think of enough uses for it, they've got models to get your creative juices flowing:

You can use it for plastic utensils as you sit outside having a cup of tea.

You can use it as a pencil holder, because it doesn't look so incredibly unstable on its narrow base that it may tip over or anything.

Or you can use it for your cell phone, but I'd recommend not having used it to hold your fries first. Notice how incredibly happy they all are to be adding this decorative object to their tasteful surroundings. 

A bunch of folks on Twitter are tweeting how they would like to use it to get a chance to win. Most of them echo what you're seeing in the pictures with these models. I'm not sure though if this is a chicken or the egg thing where McDonald's put up the pictures after they got the ideas or the tweets are the result of the pictures. Either way, I'm not sure that a plastic container that looks like a carton of fries is worth the brain power to imagine what one might do with it. Of course, being the horribly demented individual that I am, I can think of a lot of perverse uses for it. The most family friendly of which would be a pooper scooper for a small canine, a soap dish, or a planter. I'm pretty sure that I'd only actually entertain the first option if I had one because I'm not really much of a McDonald's fan. I don't want one of those things in my home.

If you want to see the tweets (they're in Japanese though), you can check under this hashtag: #ポテトホルダー


Shell Senseless said...

haha, that does make me laugh. They stand out like a sore thumb :) and also, i've never ever been presented with a carton of fries that is bursting out like the first picture (^_^)

Orchid64 said...

My husband occasionally had McDonald's fries, and though they never burst out of the carton (they were too limp for that, usually), they did often fall out into the bag. Once in awhile, I'd succumb to the smell of the fries (because they do smell good to me) and eat one. At that moment, I'd remember that they tasted like disappointment. I lost my taste for fast food a long time ago and, though the aroma can occasionally be enticing, those fries never lived up to my expectation.

Thanks for your comment!

Jess said...

Now, the question is if in a few months you will actually see people using these things as suggested. Oh how I love gimmicky things though <3

Orchid64 said...

If you see such a person, Jess, you must take a picture! That would be a great moment to capture!

Wally6500 said...

This is one of those "the world is coming to an end" moments.

It's fantastic!

Brian Tran said...

Funny... Keep up the work.