Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Picture #163

Every time I see something which says "straight" as an adjective for food or drink, I have to suppress the thought that this is somehow trying to clarify the fact that this product is not attracted to the adjacent bottles, but to bottles which are opposite of itself. If we're talking tea, I'm guessing "straight tea" is attracted to coffee?

OK, I'm just stupid. And I didn't take this picture because of the use of the word "straight". I took it because, though I'm not a Disney fan, I thought the designs on these bottles were simply adorable. I love repeating patterns with graphic images and the line clean line drawings of Disney characters repeated over the label was something I found aesthetically pleasing. They didn't please me enough to buy them, as I'm not spending nearly $3 for a bottle of tea when I can spend 3-7 cents and make my own with a teabag, but they were good enough for a little mention here on my silly little blog. Japanese manufacturers take something cute, like Disney, and somehow make it even cuter.

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kfc said...

There's something about Japanese straight teas that are just extra tasty (especially the Kirin brand). That lemon tea is good too..