Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random Picture #160

Sometimes, a picture speaks for itself. 

If you can't hear, then I'll have it speak a little louder:

Of course, it's hard for us to know exactly what it is trying to say when it says things like this.

However, if you listen very carefully, I think that this is what it is saying: "We need a better translator."


BradleyNASH said...

HAHAHA! I've seen a couple of these, and I wish I've saved them. That said, I wonder how hard it is to actually translate these? I mean let me know, but ... ? I assume it's pretty difficult

bingata744 said...

It always makes me laugh! I often wonder why they don't spring for better translators --

Orchid64 said...

Thanks to both of you for commenting.

I think it's really a case of them not caring if the translation is good or not. I was told by many different people that the English on packaging was mainly meant to look cool. The Japanese didn't care what it said (and probably didn't even read it). That's sort of what makes it so awesome. I often think it'd be a lot less fun if the translations were good. ;-)