Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Picture #164

In Japan, "soda" refers to "ramune", which is an odd chemical concoction which resembles bubblegum at times and club soda mixed with funky chemical sweeteners at others. I think that ramune is to Japan as root beer is to the U.S. While I didn't detest ramune or "soda" flavors the same way Japanese folks did root beer, it wasn't something I'd tend to seek out.

Therefore, I would never buy this "Gari Gari Kun" popsicle, at least not to eat it. I would consider buying it so that I could cut out the picture on the front of the box, punch two holes in each side and wear it like a mask on my face to frighten small children at Halloween. Gari Gari Kun remains the most unappealing mascot I have ever encountered in my life and his visage never does anything other than make me want to turn away in horror at his enormous maw and bizarrely positioned nostrils. Don't even get me started on his codpiece (as portrayed in the previously linked post).


kfc said...

these are so popular at the japanese grocery stores and they taste really good, but they are pricey in the states since they are imported

SusieTron FiveThousand said...

If I ever with the rootbeer lottery and you win the ramune lottery; let's trade.

Though over the years the sweetness is too sweet for me, I still would take ramune over rootbeer. I have a similar aversion to black licorice. :/

midsummer said...

I envy you.. I am in the Middle East and Japanese Snacks are not available here (a lot of snacks from all over the world), yeah they are updated when it comes to cars but when it comes to food/snacks they are way behind.