Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Random Picture #207

As I "warned" in my Monday review, everything is coming up strawberry right now. This was the display at Marukai market, one of several Asian markets within driving distance of my home. Everything you see here is strawberry sweets. It is mainly various types of cookies (Kabaya's crispy "Panda" cookies, 3 types of Bourbon petit cookies featuring strawberry in each, Delicia strawberry fromage cookie/candy combos), but there are also pretzels (Toppo, Pocky and Pocky Midi), cakes, candy (Hi-Chew and Look) and wafers.

As someone who is not an enormous fan of starwberry, I won't be sampling all of these, but I couldn't resist a few of them. You'll be seeing reviews of at least 4 of these items and a few have already been reviewed (linked in previous paragraph). If you love strawberry, I guess now is the time to track down some Japanese snacks. 

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