Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Random Picture #208

What is pictured above is called "educational confectionary" according to its  maker, Kracie. I call it "playing with food", but I'll run with Kracie's description. On the left is a donut decorating kit and on the right is a candy bento one. This leads me to believe that Kracie is thinking Japan's children need to be educated in the ways of food service. I guess if your dream is working at Mister Donut, then the donut one would help set you up nicely.

This is one of those rare items which is actually available at Amazon. You can get the bento one here for an exhorbitant price and the donut one here for an even higher price. If you buy one, let me know if you learned anything. ;-)


Sharon Toh said...

I just discovered your blogs and have been lapping up your archives here. It's almost as good as eating the snacks myself! Today I wondered if there was a review of these DIY "meals" somewhere on your archives and saw you'd just posted about them overnight. I have a morbid fascination with these kits because I can't make out if they're actually food (just because people are told to eat them doesn't make them food) but won't spend money on them for the same reason. Thank you for blogging!

H.W. Fan said...

Regular reader here! Just wanted to say there are plenty of fascinating videos on YouTube about these products - google Kracie and see.

I find them strangely soothing... Like cooking for Lilliputians..