Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Picture 53

Click this for a much bigger version that you can read, if you read Japanese.

Krispy Kreme Japan started selling mini donuts on February 22, and while we haven't tried the donuts yet, we did get this nifty advertisement with a cut out car somewhere around Valentine's Day. The car is supposed to be a replica of an early (1930) Krispy Kreme mobile (a donut-mobile?).

As I was writing this, I translated 3 of the flavors by reading the katakana below each picture, then I realized that it's written in English above each picture. This is something that starts to happen after you have lived here awhile. You stop seeing English when it's right in front of you while you doltishly squint at the Japanese and read it.

 The nice-looking Valentine's Krispy Kreme donuts. My husband was given these by a generous and kind student for the holiday. Two are still in our freezer waiting for him to want a morning sugar rush.

The doughnuts represent relatively poor value economically, but I'm guessing based on my experiences with various Krispy Kreme offerings  that they aren't going to impress on the taste front either. No matter how cute they look, I'm not likely to partake, but my husband is much gamer (and more interested in all things doughnut) than me.


Nat said...

I really need to head up to Tokyo one day, and visit Krispy Kreme!!

Jan said...

Why would anyone want Krispy Kreme when they can have Mister Donut??

Burp and Slurp~! said...

A fireman from L.A. just came back from Kaizuka, Japan, and he was raving about the glazed chewy donuts from Mister Donut. He didn't say anything about Krispy Kreme, though. Maybe it's not as big as Mister Donut in Japan?

anyway, I would totally love a donut-car. :D

Orchid64 said...

Krispy Kreme is definitely less popular than Mr. Donut, though that is actually by design. The Krispy Kreme franchise here is limited specifically to keep lines in front of shops and keep the brand name as a desirable one.

That being said, I prefer Mr. Donut, because the donuts have more substance. Krispy Kremes are pretty airy and the filled ones always taste like their filling comes from a can. If I'm going to go for a donut (which admittedly isn't that often - maybe once or twice a month at most), I have an "angel cream" (whipped cream filled) or a custard cream from Mr. Donut.

I think that I can see how some people may prefer Krispy Kreme. It's just a matter of taste. :-)