Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coca-Cola Swarovski Crystal Bag

Return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Japanese people were flocking to designer bags like a goose to a fat juicy moth. There was a time when people had money to splash about for Louis Vuitton bags or purchasing a trivial bit of real estate like Rockefeller Center. It seems that someone at Coca-cola Japan would like us to forget about the 20+ year economic decline and promote like it's 1989. 

The bag pictured above is the same size and shape as a can of Coke and opens with a clasp that works like a pop-top. It's covered in swanky Swarovski crystals. There's a limit to a mere 2,500 of them worldwide, but you can have one for 289,800 yen ($2,957.90) because who doesn't think it's worth nearly three grand to carry around a supremely tacky coke can bag? 

On the more practical side, it has a serial number so you are actually looking at something that could be considered a collectible with potential future value. That being said, if the initial price is so insanely high, there's a low chance that the value will increase much over time. 

As an aside, I ran across a couple of Swarovski shops in Tokyo. They were both pretty tacky looking from the outside with a bunch of what looked like mirrored stalactites hanging from the front of the shop. It was as if the designers were caught in a time warp that froze them in the 80's style. 

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BradleyNASH said...

WHOA! That "would" be cool ... but again I'm telling you, I'm not a HUGE fan of paying to market/advertise something. That said, I like the idea and it issss kinda of trendy.