Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pizza-La Takumi Japanese Quarter (product information)

I love it when a pizza lives up to foreign expectations of what Japanese pizza is going to be and this release from Pizza-La has stepped up to the plate. At a glance, it doesn't look terribly exotic except for the shellfish with shells (mmmm, crunchy) and the slender strips of nori (seaweed paper). However, it is not quite as tame as it looks.

The point of this pizza is to allow consumers to get 4 pizzas in one. To that end, we have these 4 types:

1. Scallop Butter with soy sauce. 
Shrimp, scallops and clams are cooked in butter and soy sauce.

2. Mentaiko mochi
Mochi (pounded rice cake), potato and mentaiko (marinated pollock roe)... and you thought those were blobs of fresh mozzarella, didn't you?

3. Negibee
The web site mainly mentions the green onion (negi), but clearly this has bacon, mushroom and nori as well.

4. Teriyaki chicken
The selling point is that the chicken is well-marinated in teriyaki and very moist. 

Of course, because this is Japanese pizza, it also has to include corn and mayonnaise. If anyone has tried this specimen, leave a comment and let me know what you think. (And, no, I wouldn't touch this pizza with a ten-foot pole!)


Wally6500 said...

I threw up a little in my mouth when I read the contents of this pizza.

Orchid64 said...

So, not going to order one then? ;-)

Wally6500 said...

I'd still rather have this than natto.

Orchid64 said...

Who wouldn't? ;-)