Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Calpis and Misdo Collaboration Donuts and Drinks (product announcement)

Some matches are made in heaven. Some are made in hell. This one feels like it was made in Albuquerque. This is the marriage no one was waiting for, and it'll finally be here on July 7, 2013. For reasons I'm sure are well understood in Japan, Mister Donut has decided to release Calpis donuts and drinks. In brackets, the Japanese on each of the products above says "Calpis" and anything that is blue also says "soda" (which is to say, ramune, which likely will just taste like bubble gum). Anything that is red is strawberry and the drink with the orange goop at the bottom is mango.

If you decide that you simply aren't getting enough Calpis by mixing it in with your donuts and drinks, you can buy a combination that allows you get a glass and stirrer as part of a set. The one that is 580 yen ($5.80) is a "drink set" which is one donut, one drink and a glass and the one that is 700 yen ($7.00) is a "donut set" which includes 5 donuts and a glass. If you don't think that these glasses are worth the extra scratch, there's a little surprise that may change your mind.

The bottom of each glass has a Mister Donut design on the bottom. The blue one has "pon de lion" and the pink one a french cruller design which features a lamb. This added cuteness surely will enhance the value of the glasses such that you will now longer be embarrassed to drink from a glass which has a word on it which sounds like "bovine urine" when you say it allowed. 


Pratyeka said...

I think the "Calpis" written on the glass is part of the draw. Along with my SoftBank glass (a company Americans think is a bank) and ginger candy that is not medicine, I can really confuse guests when I return to America. No, I joke. I love mango, though, so I'll probably try at least that one.

sariroo said...

I have tried the Calpis donuts (3 of the varieties) and love them! Yes, they are very sweet but I do love Calpis! I even got the pon de lion glass with the matching stir stick because who can turn down 5 donuts and a glass for 700 yen??? I did get 3 of the 50th Anniversary plates also because they had a 7 donut deal and plate for 1000 yen. My family and I are total suckers for Mister Donut!