Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Picture #167

How can you make a Koala more adorable? Well, first, you "chibify" it by drawing it in a simple and cute Japanese-style. Second, you add a bow to its sweet little head. Third, you show it in cute little situations that humans tend to engage in. For those who didn't study psychology, that's called, "anthropomorphizing" and kids do it a lot, adults, too, but not quite so often.

Lotte has taken it's mascot's extreme cuteness and shaped a tin like its head. You can eat the packets of chocolatey biscuits inside, and then keep the tin for other things. There's also a charming little key chain so that you can remember to pick up more cookies on your way home from work. These tins have been sold in several of the Japanese and Korean markets that I frequent, but they tend to be rather over-priced for what they are. If I were still living in Japan and could buy these more cheaply (though probably not actually cheap), I still wouldn't buy this because this is the sort of thing which looks great in the store, but tends to get shoved into a closet at home. 

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