Thursday, June 6, 2013

KitKat Cookies & Cream Big Bar (Product Announcement)

Image from Nestle Japan.

I love the KitKat big bars, but I hate white chocolate and have never been a big fan of cookies & cream as a candy flavor. In fact, I feel that the whole point of the cookies and cream concept is to add textural variation and flavor to ice cream. As a candy bar with cookies that add texture and its own flavor already, it seems silly to add cookies and cream to cookies and white chocolate. OK, perhaps it's not so  much "silly" as quite unimaginative. These big bars are coming to a convenience store in Japan soon and if I was still there, I would not bother to buy one. If you're more open to conventional flavors than me, let me know if you've tried this. I'm guessing that it'll have 5 layers of satisfying crunch surrounded by somewhat too sweet and perhaps even slightly chalky white chocolate infused with just a hint of bitter chocolate cookie and some creamy richness, though not enough of the good stuff to justify the calorie load.


Anonymous said...

Hi.I'm from Japan.My name is Ryoji Osabe.I saw your blog and it's awesome!I think it's fantastic.I grown up eating these snacks.That's the reason I was excited.How could you find out the hole snacks not in Japan?or are you living in Japan?

Orchid64 said...

Hi, Ryoji!

I lived in Japan for 23 years and during most of the time that I've been writing this blog.

I came back to the U.S. last year at the end of March so I've been buying things in America for the past year or so. I find most of my snacks at Japanese or Asian markets in California like Mitsuwa and Nijiya. I'm very lucky to find such things here. I'm sure that I wouldn't be able to get them if I lived in other areas of America since few of them have such strong Asian communities and wouldn't carry such goods!

Thank you for reading!