Thursday, June 13, 2013

KitKat Salty Caramel Big Little Bites (product information)

Image from Nestle Japan

Somewhere in the scattered contents of my memory, which as of late is being filled up with information about psychotropic drugs, how to diagnose mental health disorders, and grammar and punctuation points, I recall some sort of salted caramel KitKat offering from Nestle Japan. A search on Google yielded confirmation of this fact, from this very blog. You know you've posted too much when you don't even remember your own content.

So, Nestle Japan has decided to offer the equivalent of their former big bar release chopped up in tinier bits and enrobed in a little more chocolate. The original was good, and I'm sure these are, too, but we see a lack of imagination in play again from Nestle Japan. Still, better the mundane devil that sells than the creative angel that doesn't.

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