Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mosdo Box (promotional information)

Image from Mosdo - click this image to see a larger one with more detail.

I'm a fan of balancing things out when I eat, but some people really like to stay with the same theme. For me, if I have pizza, I want to have a salad on the side as a way of balancing the nutrition. I don't like to have, say, fried cheese sticks. Cheese plus cheese is not my thing. I'm not criticizing those who enjoy such pairings, but, simply saying that they are not for me.

If you are someone who likes to layer on the fatty food all together, then the happy marriage of Mos Burger and Mister Donut has something you might like. For a 2,500 yen (about $25), you can get 4 pieces of Mos chicken (breaded and deep-fired, onion rings and French fires plus 4 donuts and a couple of Mosdo mugs for your coffee. I suggest you make that coffee black and let that be the only thing you drink the next day after chowing down on this fat fest. 


Hirayuki said...

Your comment about "cheese plus cheese" reminded me of all the combo meals at Japanese restaurants that pair noodles with a side of rice or noodles with a side of potatoes. I like starch as much as (maybe more than) the next person, but...

Orchid64 said...

Oh, dear, the starch + starch thing in Japan was so difficult for me to find appealing. I remember the spaghetti sandwiches (a hot dog bun with pasta) and the potatoes wrapped in bread at bakeries (though, as someone who ate mashed potato sandwiches as a kid, I liked that one). I also remember the rice + bread sides (popular in elementary schools) or, as you say, noodles plus potatoes!

Thanks for your comment!

Hiyodori said...

I stopped at an "Asian" restaurant in southern California on a visit to the US several years ago.

Forgetting the size of US portions, my wife and Iordered three items, two of them Thai / Chinese stir-fry type dishes. Both of them came with gigantic portions of white rice not indicated on the menu.

And the third dish we ordered was -- fried rice. Image our surprise when accompanying the giant plate of fried rice was -- you guessed it, another huge portion of white rice!

Orchid64 said...

I have to say that fried rice with white rice on the side is pretty hilarious! Even in Japan, we got large portions of rice, though it's nothing compared to what one tends to get here. Then again, you're expected to take part of your food home in a doggy bag from American places and not so in Japan.

Thanks for commenting. :-)