Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tyrant Habanero Guacamole Rings (product information)

I can get my hands on no small amount of Japanese snack food. In fact, I could fill this blog with daily reviews if I wanted to and never run out of options just based on what can be had locally. However, that would be problematic because I'd have to eat an entire package of food or toss a lot of stuff out (not to mention that it'd be expensive), so you get two reviews a week and news pieces like this.

One of the things that I haven't seen available, however, is the line of super spicy Tyrant Habanero salted snack rings. In Japan, I loved these things. They are super hot, and I'd have to be careful not to eat too many (because, as one of my web acquaintances remarked, they taste good going in, but aren't such a great experience coming out), but I really had a thing for them. I tried some of their other products with mixed results, but the rings never let me down.

Tohato has released a line of these spicy rings coupled with the creamy flavors of avocado. As you can see by the pepper scale on their ad above, this is a three out of five, so not as hot as their usual fare. I would be all over trying this is I could get my  hands on it.

If you're interested in a little Tyrant Habanero fun, you can play a Space-Invaders-style game here. You don't need to understand the Japanese. You just click to choose your ship style when the option comes up (and click "skip" on the intro since you can't read it anyway). You can also download some, frankly, pretty ugly wallpapers if you're so inclined. Those can be had here. Note that the top ones are movies. The bottom ones are images that you can download.


Chad said...

I agree with you on the availability of content on your blog! My problem with content is that I'm writing about my travels to Japan. I've been doing a post a day, which equates to about 70 days/posts until I run out of stuff. I won't be heading back to Japan until October, at which point, I'll have maybe 10 more days/posts of travel to post on my blog. I think I need to create a new blog like yours where I can get content regularly. I enjoy beer, so maybe I'll do some kind of beer blog. But, like you, I'll limit those posts to twice a week perhaps. I can't be drinking a ton of beer everyday! Hahaha

Orchid64 said...

You could drink a ton of beer everyday, but it would probably be... unwise. ;-)