Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Random Picture #214

I hear the word "Oreo" several times a day every day. I wish I could say that was because I worked in an Oreo factory or even that I was employed creating new and bizarre flavors for them to put in their limited edition offerings. Unfortunately, it's because my neighbors in the building across the way got a little black dog with a white strip down its breast and they frequently are yelling at it by name, and the name they gave it is "Oreo".

In Japan, they do not have a ton of strange Oreo cookie flavors. I'm stunned at how many Oreo cookies are in the regular rotation, let alone all of the seasonal and limited edition flavors like fruit punch, gingerbread, and rice krispies treat flavors. Instead of offering a ton of different cookies, Nabisco Japan has these cookie/candy logs that they offer in odd flavors. The one picture above next to what looks like a bowl of pizza toppings is "creme brulee". It's made with Hokkaido milk, just as I'm sure original French versions of creme brulee were made with that sort of extra special milk. 

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