Thursday, August 8, 2013

Glico Pretz Tokyo Baby Karinto (product information)

Image courtesy of Glico.

There's exclusive and then there's exclusive. Glico is producing a special version of their "Pretz" crackers in "karinto" (a sort of brown sugar log that is rather fatty and not really like a pretzel) for ANA (All Nippon Airways). Information on buying these is available via your local seat pocket on an ANA flight and they will be on sale on September 28, 2013 and be gone by the end of October. Each stick is a mere 22 mm/.86 in. in length and there are 6 individual portions per box to make them easy to distribute as a souvenir. The listed price is 840 yen ($8.40), but it may vary.

Though this sounds like you have to be on a plane to get it, you can pick one up at the "Glico Kitchen" shop in Tokyo station or the "Diversity Plaza" in Odaiba. The only way it seems to really have to do with airplanes is the shape of the design on the box. However, I could be wrong and ANA could be handing these out instead of your standard pretzels on flights for awhile. I never flew ANA while I was in Japan, but if anyone out there does, let me know if you get a box of these. 


Helen said...

It sounds like these are the kind of thing that they would sell on the flight. Sadly, ANA only gives out free soft drinks on the flights I take :-(

I'll be flying at the very end of September so I'll keep an eye out for these for you. (And for my husband, who likes Karinto!)

Orchid64 said...

I hope you're right about them handing them out on the flight! Glico's site made it seem like they sold 6-packs of them in their shops, but I think it'd be much nicer to give everyone a small box. Otherwise, it's not much of an ANA thing!

Thanks for keeping an eye out! I appreciate that greatly!

Hiyodori said...

Hi. Actually, they are on sale right now on ANA flights, and only cost 300 yen. Apparently for three 18 gram portions, however. See the following web page (center) for information in Japanese:

I wish I had a flight planned on ANA to sample them for you!