Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mister Donut Choco and Banana Fair (Product Announcement)

Images from Mister Donut.

There are many things I miss about Mister Donut. Actually, I should pause and reconsider that statement because the truth is that there is mainly one thing that I miss about it and that is the delights of an angel cream. It was the perfect donut for me. In fact, I could wax poetic about the cloud-like creamy filling which was fatty and rich, but not too heavy, the delicate yeast-risen pastry which was sprinkled with just enough granulated sugar to sweeten it without being overbearing, and the absolutely perfect size that offered a little under 200 calories of deliciousness. The closest I can get to that here is Krispy Kreme's nearly 400 calorie "kreme" monstrosity which is too big and too glazed. No one else even sells something with a whipped cream filling. Sigh.

This is an interesting campaign from the fine folks at Misdo, but it's one that I probably wouldn't avail myself of even if I were still in Japan. I love a good banana, but I don't like banana-flavored things. On the other hand, my husband would likely sample his way through most of the donuts that are about to become available for a mere 100 yen on July 10 and go away on July 15.

The flavors include banana and chocolate banana old-fashioned (shaped like bananas), banana whipped cream, pon de ring banana and pon de ring banana cream, banana whip French, and banana chocolate. The picture above shows a variety of chocolate-based donuts as well.


BradleyNASH said...

Hey I will tell you, at least where I am in the States, local Donut shops have whipped creme filled Donuts... I just wanted to let you know, since I've got an awesome one down here called Shipley's Donuts. They have an excellent whipped creme kind.

Elizabeth L said...

I'm not sure if other grocery stores are like this but all the ones near me in upstate NY have pretty nice bakery's and offer angel cream donuts.

Pratyeka said...

I love chocolate-banana flavor and will definitely check this out. I tried my first Angel Cream a few years ago on your recommendation, and it didn't disappoint. It's like biting into a sugared cloud. I also love the Pon de Ring for it's texture. As far as I can remember, America doesn't have any of that "mochimochi" type of doughnut.

Orchid64 said...

Thanks to all for the comments!

Bradley and Elizabeth: My husband is a donut lover and we check almost every local donut shop we come across (not much of an exaggeration!) and not one has ever offered a whipped cream filled donut! Custard, yes. Jelly, absolutely, but, cream? Nope. I don't know why that is. It may be a Bay Area thing, but we've never come across any place that offers whipped cream filling except the KK!

Pratyeka: Let me know how the chocolate-banana flavors go, and I'm glad that you liked the angel cream! Enjoy your next one for me!

sariroo said...

I don't like banana flavored things but the banana- shaped donut with a bit of chocolate is fabulous!

TordyClarkinTokyo said...

SO Imma try these next weekend. I need two days to recover. I love Pon De Ring choco. But the flavoured Mister DOnuts leave me wishing I had not been adventurous, too sickly and fake. Banana is a tricky flavour. Forget trying to replicate the original taste. I have not yet found a Japanese banan flavoured product that tasted like a fruit. Bananas are slightly lemony, tangy, there are salty undertones. Usually I've found a bland wall of MEH when sampling a banana item in this lovely country. As bananas are so lovely, I will endeavor.