Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Random Picture #170

The rather unremarkable package of cakes shown here brought back many memories of Japan, and not only because it was made by a Japanese manufacturer and sold in a Japanese store. They're a typical pastry in Japan - a light fluffy cake filled with a light creamy filling, neither of which has much in the way of sweetness or strong taste. It was the saying on the package that brought along a sense of nostalgia.

There are two things that will always remind me of Japan even when I'm reading the words in English. One thing is being told to "enjoy" or "have a good time" with something in a way which is strangely lacking in pushiness. The other thing is when the word "type" is used unnecessarily, especially with the word "new". This is a translation issue, of course, and it's not a big deal or the worst English every. It is quaint and endearing to me when I read such things.

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