Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tirol Green Tea Parfait (product announcement)

Over the weekend, I went to a Japanese market called Marukai. This shop is what I consider the best one in my area for two reasons. First of all, they carry more unique products than most of the other ones. Second, their prices are generally lower. That is not to say that they are akin to shopping in downtown Tokyo in either respect, but they're pretty good for not being where the action is.

During my investigation into Marukai's snack aisles, I noticed that green tea, which is always around, has exploded in popularity. Everything had a green tea version. It was insanely boring with all of those green tea chocolates and cookies. The one green tea option that they did not have and that I would have bought is this new Tirol Premium candy. Tirol says that it was released in "early July", so it may be on shelves in Japan already. 

This candy displays the levels of detail that contribute to potential flavor depth which I've come to expect from many Japanese consumer-level chocolates. The cutaway illustration shows two kinds of chocolate, green tea and white, as well as red bean paste and green tea jelly. For something that sells for 20 yen, that's quite a lot of craft work. 


TordyClarkinTokyo said...

I actually really like this one.
There's a few green tea based ones. The mochi filling ones are a cheat IMO. YOu want chocolate, you get rubber. But this one is alright. Have you tired the mitsumame ones? I still look for the dark chocolate orange ones. They are still me favourite.

Pratyeka said...

As you surmised, these are out in Japan. I picked one up from Sunkus last week. It's pretty good, and does represent the flavor of a typical green tea parfait decently. I'm not too into the Tirol flavors with a "jelly" layer, which this one has, so I wouldn't buy it again, but it was tasty and interesting.

Orchid64 said...

Tordy: I think I have tried the mitsumame ones, but I'm not sure. One of the bad points about having tried so many things is that I lose track!

Prayteka: I'm not completely keen on the jelly ones either, but sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I'm glad you liked this one! Thanks for sharing!