Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Glico Disaster Supply Marketing

Image courtesy of Glico.

Glico knows how to survive a disaster. If there's an earthquake, typhoon, or nuclear disaster, all you need to sustain you is several cans of their snacks and curry. In order to make sure that they stay intact, they offer them in vacuum packages and tins. This protects them from air and water and, according to Glico, makes them easier to carry.

As part of this promotion, they're emphasizing that their packets of shelf stable curry are tasty and have a good texture even if they aren't heated. They also mention that their candies will provide quick energy if you're on the run from falling objects and can't get food. The Glico biscuits are easy to eat for the whole family from children to grannies.

Personally, I'm a bit suspicious about the nutrition you'll get from candy, cookies, and curry packets. They assume, I guess, that you're going to also have shelf-stable rice packets or that you'll pour your curry on your cookies or something. At any rate, with the earthquake situation in Japan, it's a good idea to keep food supplies on hand, but I'm not sure this is the mix you're going to want to invest in. 


ibagoalie said...

Is there a reason why curry is included? Strictly taste or does it provide some sort of "protection/energy"? I don't associate curry with Japan.

Orchid64 said...

There is Japanese curry, which is like a cross between a beef/pork stew and curry. It's nothing like Indian curry, but it's wildly popular in Japan.

It's there because it's popular and often sold in shelf-stable foil packets. :-)

Paul said...

Although they may not be the healthiest foods, I think it is always wise to stock up on foods which can be saved for emergencies which do not require refrigeration or heat.

Just this morning there was quite a shake and something bigger may hit by October so my boyfriend and I are already making a small reserve in case anything does happen.

Orchid64 said...

I agree. When we lived in Tokyo, we always had spare food on hand for that reason. However, I tended to focus on things like tuna and peanut butter rather than cookies and curry. ;-)

Luna said...

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