Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Random Picture #198

Certain things exist in many cultures. I can't say "all cultures" because I'm sure there are many undeveloped or tribal cultures which don't have things like pornographic chocolates, but most developed countries that have mastered the art of packaged shelf-stable candy are likely making such crude offerings. The main difference between how pornographic items are managed in Japan and in the U.S. is their visibility. These "oppai" (boob) chocolates were not in some obscure shop catering to adult tastes or even a specialty market. They were in Narita airport and were one of the last things that I took a picture of on my way out of the country. While it's possible that breast-shaped white chocolates are for sale in major airports in the U.S., I do have my doubts.


miyazaki said...

Umm, I'm gonna go with "no" on those being offered in airports here....
It's funny how when you've lived in Japan for a while I think you develop a higher threshold for shock value of these kinds of things don't you think? I remember going "yup, that's so like the Japanese..". Haha

Orchid64 said...

Indeed, I believe you are correct about developing a higher threshold for shock value! ;-)

Thanks for commenting.