Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tirol Strawberry Cheese Pie Premium Chocolate (product information)

About two weeks before Christmas, I bought some brie at Costco. It was on sale and it was about as cheap as such things are ever going to get. What is more, Costco usually has better quality for its prices than your average discount joint. The brie I bought was quite good and I enjoyed a small piece of it most days with a little fruit.

Given that fruit and cheese make such a natural pairing, you wouldn't think that I'd be giving this strawberry cheese pie chocolate the stink eye because it shows wedges of savory cheese with images of strawberries. The whole concept of a wedge of Emmantale with strawberries doesn't bother me. The problem is adding copious amounts of sugar and chocolate into the mix. I will never get the concept of sugar and anything other than cream cheese. This is my admitted defect. That being said, if I found this at one of the local Japanese markets, I'd try it. I'm pretty sure I'd dislike it, but I'd take the plunge considering these are generally very cheap and small anyway.

If any of my readers has happened across this monstrosity and ingested it, I'd love to  hear your impressions.  


Hiyodori said...

I happened to see this near the cash register of a local convenience store today, and spent my 30 yen to give it a try.

It was surprisingly good! It looks like a white chocolate brick, but most of the bottom shows a natural strawberry preserve like surface.

Inside is a wafer type cookie, surrounded by what tastes like fairly good strawberry jam that has just the right amount of sweetness. The white chocolate / cheese portion itself is not too sweet, with just enough unidentifiable cheese goodness to taste somewhat between a normal baked cheesecake and a more salty natural cheese.

The finish is long lasting, and to me, satisfying. I was pleasantly surprised, and would certainly enjoy having one again!

Orchid64 said...

Thanks for sharing that, Hiyodori! I might give it a go if I see it. :-)

Sandy said...

I liked it too actually. I tend to want to try the Tirol flavors because Im sucked in by the novelty.

This was pretty good, not "cheesy" but just a rich milky taste with the strawberry flavor of the jam. It was good!

Orchid64 said...

Thanks for sharing, Sandy! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!