Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tirol Holiday Assortments (product information)

Images from Tirol.

I think Tirol has to be one of the most representative companies in terms of displaying the Japanese tendency to value appearance over substance. One of their brand selling points if the collectible wrappers on its candies. They even maintain a gallery on their web site of all of the wrappers dating back to 1979 so people can see what they've offered. I admire their artistry, but I'm not so great a fan of the way in which they put the same old candies inside the wrappers on a regular basis.

For Christmas, they're offering up two collections and neither has anything going for it aside from the wrapping. The first (at the top of this post) is a "whole cake" collection which uses the theme of an entire Christmas cake to repackage strawberry shortcake, hotcake, and cranberry cheesecake flavors. Of those three, only the last one hasn't been on offer before (at least it's one I've never encountered).

The second collection is a cup with milk, coffee nougat, and biscuit ("Bis") varieties. All of these are flavors that have been around for ages. The wrapping is pretty, but the flavors aren't much to get excited about. If I see either of these, there's zero chance I'll buy them because there's just not enough novelty in the packages for me to trouble myself. I am curious about the cranberry cheesecake flavor, but not enough to pop for a whole variety pack.

If you'd like a November calendar for your desktop picture/wallpaper, Tirol is offering one here.

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