Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Random Picture #188

When I was a kid, I didn't like Cracker Jacks. There was something off to me about the caramel coating. It always tasted a bit burnt to me. However, I was always happy to get a box of it anyway because of the prize inside. That was a long time ago when the prizes were at least a little less lame than they are now. I remember being annoyed when I got miniature coloring books or stickers and being happy when I got some pointless piece of crap. Somehow, the item being plastic made it seem like I got something more "real".

In the case of Cracker Jacks, you got a little prize and a whole lot of food. In the case of this Glico offering, you get a whole lot of prize and very little candy. This is part of the Star Wars series that I mentioned before. There are 10 straps featuring various popular characters from the movies. You don't have a choice about which one you'll get so you'll need to buy a lot of boxes to get the ones you want. The candy is almost an afterthought (the heart on the front shows it). It's like the bubblegum in baseball cards - included because it seems necessary and not because that's what the buyer really wants. The portion of candy is also incredibly tiny (a half ounce). If I had wanted to buy this, it would have cost me $1.98 (about 200 yen). Since the candy really isn't what's on offer here and I'm not a Star Wars fan, I passed, but I can see how this would be pretty enticing for a collector.

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