Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Picture #74

My husband and I sometimes enjoy just picking a station which has little fame associated with it and just wander around the area to see what pops up of interest. Sometimes, we find something delightful and, at others, we find that the lack of a reputation is well-deserved. One of the places we went to was Tachikawa, a relatively big place with relatively little to recommend itself to us personally. It was mainly populated by various soft gambling establishments (pachinko and slots). It did have this burger joint, which had a name which caught my fancy. It's not especially strange, except for the fact that it implies there is only one burger and you have finally located it.


Anonymous said...

Was it just delicious as the advertisements suggests? I head on vay-cay again and I am going to have a REAL burger, I find it SO hard to find lean ground beef here, or it's mixed with ground pork. We've been buying it from the larger chains but it's not always available.

Japan-Australia said...

This is the burger is a cool name and implies that this is the one and only burger to have :)

Japan Australia

Anonymous said...

I wonder how good the burger is.

I do the same thing as you and your husband. I wander around station areas and see what's there.