Monday, August 29, 2011

Sudachi Pretz

One thing which I have come to understand as a food reviewer is that depth of flavor is very important when you're sampling a bunch of crap and want to find some way of distinguishing the run-of-the-mill snack food dreck from the beyond-the-mill snack food dreck. The thing that tends to separate the big boys like Glico from the small fries like Riska is that they layer flavors into their products instead of just heap tons of one particular flavor onto them. That being said, I'm pretty sure that most of the people who cram these things into their snack holes aren't paying nearly as much attention to the subtle flavors as the likes of me. Glico's efforts are wasted on most, but I have nothing but love for their devotion of offering a multiplicity of flavors in a lowly pretzel snack.

Because I'm not a food expert and just spend my time with junk food, I had never heard of sudachi before buying this for a mere 100 yen ($1.30) at Okashi no Marche super discount snack shop. Of course, I saw the words on the front, and the citrus fruit and bits of green onion, but I didn't know if that was the name of a particular dish that these were aping or a primary flavor. I assumed those green things on the front were limes, but they are actually a Japanese citrus fruit which is supposed to be "zestier" than lemons or limes according to Wikipedia.

Despite what Wikipedia says, these definitely taste very similar to limes though I will admit that they are very "zippy" in flavor. Though they smell rather funky, they taste very good and have a good savory mix of salt, citrus, and an almost warming finish of onion. I wasn't kidding when I talked about flavor depth and layering. These have it and you'll notice it if you aren't too busy snarfing them down to pay attention to what's dancing across your taste buds.

Each box has two packets of 27.5 grams (about an ounce) which provide you with 136 calories of carbohydrate and sodium fun. I strongly recommend picking these up if you're a pretzel fan and can find them. This is part of Glico's regional Pretz campaign (which appears to come about once a year) and this particular flavor is one that is available nationwide. This is in contrast to the "spicy chicken wing" variety that I reviewed previously that was an East Japan release. These would make a tasty accompaniment to your favorite beverage (provided it's not coffee or tea) or good movie snacking food in a portion controlled package.


Jisoo said...

Hi Lucky for you, summer is almost over.
I tried sudachi many times,and it isn't so zesty as lemon,as you said, near to lime.
What I happen to love recently is Wasabi flavor.
So addictive.

Nora said...

Last month, my Japanese sister came to town with a box of the sudachi Pretz and another of the yuzu koshou variety, then (cruelly) made me choose between them. I chose this one, but haven't eaten it yet...though after reading your evocative review, I doubt they'll survive another day.

Japan-Australia said...

Sounds like a real summer flavour and would go well with a drink :)

Japan Australia

Burp and Slurp~! said...

Wow, I've never heard of sudachi, either. And you're so right about the "depth of flavor" thing. It's the same with cookie sandwiches too. You can buy Oreos and the other generic 99 cents ones and there's a definite lack of balance in flavors.

Orchid64 said...

Jisoo: I also love wasabi! It's all I can do not to review and sample every sembei I come across which is wasabi-flavored!

Nora: I think you'll be gratified that you chose this flavor. That being said, I'm sure the yuzu koshou was a delight, too. I hope to run across that flavor in one of the shops that carries stuff from all over Japan... but they tend to follow more specialty items.

J-A: I should try that some time!

B & S: That is one thing which I think is an issue with American consumer releases which is less of a problem in Japan. Depth of flavor is pretty common in all but the cheapest consumer offerings (and kid's stuff) here. I should have my husband (who is going to the U.S. at the end of October for a visit) pick up American Oreos so I can see if they are the same as those in Japan. I'll take one for the team and eat a few Oreos for testing purposes. ;-)

Thanks to everyone for commenting!