Thursday, October 31, 2013

MOS Rice Burgers (product information)

MOS Burger has been offering rice burgers in Japan for quite some time, but their web site talks about how hard it has been for them to substitute the burger bun for a slab of rice that doesn't fall apart when you eat it. From my limited experience, I can say that when we ordered such rice burgers, the rice did tend to crumble sooner, if not later.

Their current press claims that they have found a way to fix this problem and they're offering up some interesting burgers to boot (all images courtesy of MOS Burger):

mackeral miso burger:

colorful sauteed vegetable burger:

fried seafood burger:

curry rice burger (with pork patty and ketchup sauce):

egg burger with soy sauce:

The egg burger is part of their morning offering, and, yes, you can order the miso soup as well!

This is the sort of "esoteric" junk food in Japan that I'd like to see make its way over here, but I know it never well. 


L.F said...

We have yo! sushi burger in the UK.

Unknown said...

I wonder how the new rice buns are, taste and texture wise. It look cold and hard to be able to retain such a shape. very nice to see however, how even fast food can be reflective of one's culture. Thank you for another interesting read! :)

Orchid64 said...

Camille: I think these are similar to yakionigiri (grilled rice balls) in Japan. If so, the outside is a bit crunchy and the interior softer and moister. I love yakionigiri, and, if these are like that, then I expect they're pretty good. However, it's also possible they may be too compressed and be a bit gummy.

Thanks for reading and commenting!