Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Random Picture #182

When I was a kid, I recall wanting my parents to bring me back something every time they went out without me. The whole "Did you get me something?" business was a part of my childhood behavioral pattern. That being said, my parents rarely went anywhere interesting so the best they tend to offer was a small bag of chips. If I was lucky, they were barbeque, but often they were plain chips or I got nothing at all.

Japanese kids who have a parent who does conventional business travel have much better possibilities in their lives. I daddy or mommy pass through a major hub, treats such as these "train-kun" cookies sold in train-themed tins could be proffered. I've been told that boys love trains, even big ones, so these might actually be more for the pappies in the crowd than their kiddies.

The cookie varieties from left to right are chocolate chip (bullet train/shinkansen), chocolate, caramel, "milk", and fruit. I'm not sure why the old-fashioned train car tin doesn't get a sample cookie propped on top, but I'm guessing making its flavor fruit reflects the fuddy-duddy nature of both the flavor and the container. The regular tins are 650 yen (around $6.63) and the shinkansen one is 980 yen ($9.99). Of course, the bullet train is more expensive. It always is.  

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