Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Burger King "King's Harvest" Burgers (product information)

It's interesting that America is always tagged for its large-size offerings - especially when it comes to things that are unhealthy like fast food - but Japan is the place that has sold monster burgers and giant kakigori (shaved ice). For the record, the kakigori in the linked video isn't nearly the biggest one I've seen shown on T.V. It's just one that I found an easy connection to showing.

The "King's Harvest" burgers, released on September 27 in Japan, include a "big bacon whopper" which has what looks like a strip of bacon the was carved from the full length of a whole piglet. The more modest sandwich on the right is a BK bolognese and includes, unsurprisngly, bolognese sauce. Both also include a hash brown patty. This is to make sure that, if you were worried about consuming sufficient carbohydrates and saturated fat, that you have nothing to worry about.

It's interesting that these are called "King's Harvest". Presumably, a "harvest" means plants. Unless those plants happen to be potatoes, there's little about these that says "harvest" and more that saws "slaughter". Though I wouldn't try this if I were in Japan now, my husband said that he would try the bacon burger. However, he'd take out the hash brown patty and eat it separately.


ibagoalie said...

Wouldn't that one on the left be hard to eat? You would think a round slab of bacon (looks like straight ham to me) would be easier

Sherry said...

Mos burger has released a burger with French style mashed potatoes (aligot ??) on it. I wonder if this is Burger King's version of that. http://www.mos.co.jp/menu/detail/011364/27/

Orchid64 said...

ibagoalie: I've seen some pretty impressive feats of jaw-opening and face cramming in Japan, especially when consuming enormous bits of sushi all in one go. I have confidence in the jaw hinges of Japanese folks. ;-) (I kid - I think it would be extremely hard to eat.)

Sherry: It's absolutely possible! I've never understood the desire to top carbs with carbs (potatoes on bread, noodles on pizza, etc.)... though when I was a child, I made "mashed potato sandwiches... but I was young, foolish and indifferent to nutrition back then.

Thanks to both of you for your comments!