Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cheetos Cream Stew (product information)

One thing I have learned is that it takes a special set of taste buds to appreciate certain flavor combinations. While people in general have embraced sweet and salty mixes, including things like salty caramel and chocolate, it's a lot harder to take sugar with flavors like onion, garlic, and meat flavorings. Frito-lay Japan obviously thinks that the Japanese have a genetic advantage in this regard as this release talks about the "sweetness of corn and cream" mixed with the flavor of stew. Of course, the last time they mixed sweet and salty in Cheetos was when they created the abysmal Pepsi Cheetos.

These were released on Dec. 2 and will be available for six months. If I run across a bag, I'm unlikely to try them because I am not an enormous fan of more conventional Cheetos and I'm not sure I could give these a fair shake. That being said, if upon closer inspection this appears to be a powder-seasoned salted snack and not the vile chocolate-coating-style seasoning that I experienced in the "cheese fondue" version, I may be tempted to try for the novelty of the experience.

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