Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mister Donut Pon de Umaimon (product information)

I wanted to make the title of this post, "Mister Donut Goes Insane", but I think that might conjure images of a large animated donut rampaging through Tokyo and dusting buildings with liberal amounts of powder sugar while spewing custard and defecating anko on unsuspecting citizens.

Donuts in Japan have not exactly been limited to sweet offerings in the past, so it should come as no surprise that Mister Donut has expanded their repertoire to include butter potato, zunda (mashed green soy beans) mochi (rice cake), monjayaki (with cabbage and corn), okonomiyaki, and plain old mochi. Along with severa less bizarre (for Japan) offerings inlcuding mango, muscat, and red bean and butter, Mister Donut is pulling out a lot of stops.

I always thought that hamburgers made with Krispy Kreme donut buns were pretty disgusting, but I have to say that pork, cabbage, and savory sauces may just have that concept beat in a contest for least appetizing use of a donut.

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miyazaki said...

I think you may be right...those flavors do sound pretty disgusting for the image of what a donut should be! You won't see that here....