Friday, July 23, 2010

Country Ma'am Crispy Cookies

Country Ma'am brand cookies have been marketed for their crispy exterior and soft chewy interior since the brand's inception. This makes the appearance of these "crispy" variety rather curious. I guess that the company has run out of bizarre flavor ideas and decided that overcooking their basic chocolate chip cookie until it is super crispy was the new way to go.

My husband picked these cookies out at Seiyu supermarket for 178 yen ($1.95) . The portion of cookie is quite small. Each is about 4 cm (1.6 in.) in diameter and there are only 12 of them in the bag. Each cookie is 48 calories. For a plain chocolate chip cookie, as opposed to a chocolate chocolate chip version which was also available, these are very dark. That's the reason that I believe this is their same basic cookie just baked longer.

The cookies smell of coconut and mild cocoa. The flavor is also very strongly coconut-based and has a pretty good chocolate chip flavor on the first bite, but it seems to fade by the second or third bite. They're also on the sweeter side. The texture is, as expected, very crispy. This has none of the nice, soft chewy aspects of the mainstream Country Ma'am cookies. That isn't a bad thing though. They're quite tasty and satisfying.

I'm not a serious fan of cookies in general, but I found these quite likable. I think they'd make a nice tea time snack if you can limit yourself to a few tiny cookies. They also probably would do well dunked in milk or coffee. They are pretty crumbly, but most people can probably dunk and put a whole one in their mouths. If you find yourself craving a Chips Ahoy, these would make a nice higher quality substitute.


Ikkin-bot said...

These always look like they would taste like Famous Amos cookies to me. Is that true? I realize you'd have had to have Famous Amos cookies to know.

gossip_bangkok said...

These looks good. I'll make sure to try it when I'm there.
Thanks :)