Saturday, July 3, 2010

Random Weekend Picture 19

Pepsi released a new product called a "Strong Shot". It's regular Pepsi with extra caffeine and carbonation. The cans are pretty tiny at 190 ml. (6.5 oz.) and they're 120 yen each ($1.35). In terms of drink volume, they represent quite poor value, but I guess that getting your hands on a stronger dose of one of the few legal drugs in Japan might be worth it for some people. The yellow band across the top warns you about the powerful forces contained within these little blue cans.

I've elected not to review this, but those who are interested in more details might want to keep an eye on "The Impulsive Buy", as the marvelous Marvo is going to sample this item and may share his impressions with us if we're lucky.


Marvo said...

Oooh, pressure to review it!

I may ask for your help with some can translation, if you don't mind.

Thanks for picking it up and mailing it to me.

Orchid64 said...

My laziness is definitely task-specific. I'll mail you a couple of cans of this, but I won't write a review. However, I will help in any way I can! If you have a question, just drop me a line. :-)

Meredith Peruzzi said...

I was utterly unimpressed by the Strong Shot...although I suspect that is because I normally drink diet colas and this one was too sugary for me.

Orchid64 said...

One of the reasons I passed on it was that it had sugar, and I haven't drank a sugar soda (aside from random samplings for this blog) for decades! I'm a Diet Coke drinker usually.