Saturday, July 24, 2010

Random Weekend Picture 22

One of the food fads that has been quietly going on for at least a half year now in Japan relates to various types of rusks. I actually was not familiar with rusks until coming to Japan. I think they tend to be better known in Europe and are similar to what we call "zwieback" in the United States. That is, they are dry bits of twice-baked bread. The Japanese ones that you see on sale (like those pictured above) are often liberally covered in sugar and quite sweet.

I've sampled one of these, given to my husband by a student, and I wasn't a fan. It was far too sweet and really not all that impressive to me in any way.


Helen said...

I have a student that often gives me rusks and I really wish she wouldn't! I know she's trying to be nice, but she should save her money.

I'm not a fan either.

Orchid64 said...

I really can't wrap my head around this particular fad. Rusks have been around in shops for years here, but suddenly there are so many bags of them compared to before. I could understand the macarons, tiramisu, belgian waffles, salty butter cookies, and crepes... but rusk?

Thanks for commenting! :-)