Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tirol Halloween Box 2013 (product information)

As a former KISS fan, I associate protruding tongues with Gene Simmons. It's not that he's the only one who famously stuck out his (or her) tongue for the camera. There's a famous shot of Albert Einstein doing so which is a popular college poster and, of course, we all now know that Miley Cyrus can't keep her's from lolling out the side her mouth like some unfortunate roadkill.

Whatever the inspiration, Tirol has decided to give this year's Halloween box a tongue that you can pull out. They've made some lovely boxes in the past and, at least graphically, this one looks good as well, but the tongue thing is just gross. The box is supposed to convert into some sort of Halloween party covering that you can put over your head.

There are also four smaller packs of candy which include individual masks that only cover the eyes. All of them have the same types of candy as the boxes of years past. In fact, the little candy wrappers are exactly the same design. Though I am not a big fan of the pumpkin box, I still admire their dedication to design. In fact, I wish I could get a job working in one of their offices and apply my Illustrator skills!


Unknown said...

Hello!My name is nozomi.
Your blog is very interesting.
There are a lot of delicious snacks in Japan!

I would be grateful if you could answer my question.
What is the most delicious snacks in you've ever eaten?
I am glad if you tell me!

Orchid64 said...

Hi, Nozomi, and thank you for reading my blog and commenting!

The "most delicious" snack ever is a very difficult question because there are many good things. I wrote a post about my 11 favorites some time ago. That post is here:

However, I think that my favorite is fluffy kinako sembei. I wrote about it here:

This not only has kinako flavor, which I love, but it melts in your mouth and is like eating a cloud! Have you ever tried this snack?